Welcome to Cache La Pottery

Cache La Pottery, now in it's 16th year, offers traditional handmade dinnerware, art pottery featuring an exclusive award winning glaze, and at the forefront ceramic figure sculpture.

At it's inception, Cache La Pottery designed, produced and sold bisque ware for the paint your own pottery market. Cache La Pottery sought a niche in the very competitive market by employing unique designs which could not be ram pressed. Slip casting of pottery forms allows for a vast array of shapes. Ram presses produce pieces in a tenth of the time but with limited variety. The scheme worked and Cache La Pottery sold bisque ware all across the USA.

Alas, the return on the bisque ware was meager. When it came time to reinvest in new molds, the decision was made to let the bisque ware go and focus on producing art pottery featuring Daniel's newly invented crystalline mat glaze. These pieces are featured in the Stoneware section of this website.

Daniel found his stoneware pieces becoming increasingly more anthropomorphic. With the downturn in the market in 2008, Daniel decided to dive in and embrace ceramic figure sculpture. Five years later the pieces are looking good. Please have a look in the Sculpture section for the latest work.

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